Contract Killer 2

Contract Killer 2 3.0.3

Assassinations for the right price


  • Improved graphics
  • More gameplay options


  • Large file size
  • Long loading times
  • Still focused on in-app purchases

Not bad

Contract Killer 2 is the sequel to the original Contract Killer and Contract Killer: Zombies. You perform many of the same tasks with the core being the elimination of a specific target.

Gameplay in Contract Killer 2 has changed because now you can move from cover to cover and use better weapons besides the sniper rifle. The touch controls for the weapons are still a little unpolished and it is difficult to aim because of the "realistic" sway of a person. You can also attack with melee in Contract Killer 2, though it is timed based and you do not have a lot of control when attacking.

Visual have improved a lot in Contract Killer 2. But that comes at a cost because each level takes a long time to load due to the huge size of the game. Each level is short on actual gameplay, so you spend a lot of time just waiting.

Contract Killer 2 is a good game at the core, but the huge amount of loading time and the push toward in-app purchase makes the game annoying to play past the first few levels. While Contract Killer 2 says you can complete the game without purchasing anything, it is designed to be extremely difficult if you do not follow their "recommended" purchases. Those purchases usually involve buying items for real world money.

Contract Killer 2 is another Glu game that could provide good gameplay if it was not so focused on making money.

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance


  • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance
Contract Killer 2


Contract Killer 2 3.0.3

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